A mentoring program for scientists

Sci.STEPS is a mentoring program for undergraduates, graduates, and young scientists looking to build their lives and careers consciously, find desired positions in academia and industry, and become confident in the application process. Sci.STEPS is a platform for mentees and mentors to meet, where we as organizers provide the tools for productive communication, and help participants solve any arising problems. While the responsibility for a fruitful mentee-mentor relationship is shared between mentees and mentors, our role is to provide comfortable conditions for the mentorship and interaction between all participants of the program. Read about our mission, vision, and values

However, Sci.STEPS is more than just a mentoring program. Here, we combine three key elements that will help you build your live and career consciously, find desired positions in academia and industry, and become confident in the application process.

Individual mentoring

We believe that successful mentoring is founded on an individual approach. Mentees are matched with mentors who suit them best according to their particular scientific profile and career goals. During the pairing process, we take into account the mentee's wishes about the preferred mentor as much as possible. Our mentors are volunteers from different countries with experience in relocation and accomplishing international training programs (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, internships), equipped with insights into building a successful career in their scientific fields.

Like-minded community

We also believe that there is nothing that helps you better to stay on track towards your goals than a community of like-minded people. For mentees, this provides an opportunity to share their experiences not only with their mentors, but also with others in similar positions and receive peer support. Mentors, on another hand, can consult with each other to provide better guidance to their mentees. For all the participants, joining our community is a great way to expand their network, participate in common activities, such as language clubs or a club focused on improving presentation skills.

Educational content

How to organize your search for positions? 

What are different options to look for when choosing a PhD? 

How to compile a good CV that presents you in the best possible way? 

How to fill out your LinkedIn profile? 

Are there any techniques that can help you understand what you truly want? 

How to maintain your mental health while working in academia? 

There are so many questions that arise when you think about your next career step. But don’t worry, we have organized some webinars and round tables, invited external speakers and created a collection of readings to help you answer some of those questions. If you still have any questions left, check out our consultations page.

Feeling excited? Here is how you can join us to participate in our second season.