White collar, lab coat

Read and listen to the stories about alternative careers for scientists

Are you a scientist curious about alternative career paths beyond the traditional academic setting? Do you dream of exploring unconventional avenues where your scientific skills can flourish? 

"White collar, lab coat" podcast is your gateway to a world of alternative careers for scientists.

Our mentor Alina in collaboration with Sci.STEPS presents a podcast in English language "White collar, lab coat" where in several episodes we explore together different cases of career in science and beyond.

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S2 #0: Intro to a new season

In this teaser episode, Alina introduces herself and the podcast to her new English-speaking audience. Join her and enjoy diverse career stories of industry professionals with scientific background!

S2 #1: Episode with Dr. Evgeniya Vorobyeva

Listen to the first episode with our program co-founder, Evgeniya Vorobyeva, about her career as a tech lead in a hydrogen energy startup and many other passions, including mentoring and managing Sci.STEPS.

S2 #2: Episode with Dr. Maria Vasina

В этом выпуске менеджер научных проектов в МИСИС, ментор и коуч Мария Васина рассказывает, как она двигает науку с помощью своих организаторских способностей, полученных в индустрии, объясняет различия между менторством и коучингом, и как она помогает осознанно строить жизнь.