Call 2024

Here you can find all the necessary information about the second season of Sci.STEPS mentoring program

Sci.STEPS scientific mentoring program started as a Russian-speaking project in 2022. We learned a lot from that experience, and now we are ready to expand. Embracing the global spirit of science, we passionately believe that careers in STEM know no borders, and our commitment to mindful career planning now reaches an international community. 

We are thrilled to announce that in our upcoming second season, we're breaking language barriers and launching both English-speaking and Russian-speaking tracks. Participation in the program is free of charge for both mentors and mentees.

Below you can find the 2024 season timeline.

Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a topic you would like to share? We also support you if you want to share your knowledge or experience with the community. Just fill out the form and we will contact you for more information.