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Anna Fomina

Chemist, studies at Skoltech, Moscow, Russia, works at the Institute of Biochemistry and Photonics Center of Skoltech, co-founded the project Sci_career.

Texts by Anna:

Dr. Evgeniya Vorobyeva

Evgeniya infuses her personal experiences in academia into her writing, adding a unique coaching perspective. Drawing from her own journey, she carefully crafts texts that resonate with readers, offering valuable insights and guidance. 

Texts by Evgeniya:

George Mathew

George's international academic and scientific experience uniquely qualify him to create impactful images for our articles. His global perspective ensures that visuals resonate across cultures, enhancing clarity and engagement.

Illustrations of George:

Dr. Ivan Osinniy

Ivan integrates his international experience in the academy into his texts. His work is characterized by precision, clarity and accessibility.

Texts by Ivan:

Julia Kolodiazhnaia

Julia intertwines her international academic experience into her writing, offering a distinctive perspective. With a wealth of knowledge gained from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, she crafts insightful texts that bridge global perspectives. 

Texts by Yulia:

Dr. Ksenia Kuznetsova

Ksenia is a versatile expert who's great at scientific writing, SEO tricks, and polishing text. She knows how to make content shine, get noticed by search engines, and keep it engaging for readers. 

Texts by Ksenia:

Dr. Maria Vasina

Maria brings a dynamic blend of academic expertise, industry experience, and coaching insights to her writing. Through her writing, she inspires and empowers others to navigate both academia and industry with confidence and proficiency.

Texts by Maria:

Dr. Olya Vvedenskaya

Olya integrates community knowledge into her materials for researchers. She drives visibility and accessibility, fostering connections and driving meaningful conversations within diverse communities.

Texts by Olya:

Dr. Svetlana Tymchenko

Svetlana blends her academic and teaching expertise in her texts. Her writing offering readers both insight and accessibility.

Texts by Svetlana:

Dr. Valentin Slepukhin

Valentin crafts texts based on his personal experiences in academic adventures. He takes great care in sharing his insights and knowledge, drawing from his own journey in the academic world to create meaningful and relatable content. 

Texts by Valentin: