Interview with the mentee Nastya Tryastsina

Interview with the season 1 mentee Nastya Tryastsina

Interviewer: Olya Vvedenskaya

Olya: Why did you come to the program? What was your initial motivation?

Nastya: I am a chemistry student at Moscow State University, and I have long had and still have the question of where to work: in science or in industry? There were a lot of unclear points and I wanted to talk to someone who has experience, ideally, in both. The goal was probably, firstly, to understand myself better, and secondly, to understand my goal-setting. And to learn more about foreign graduate schools and internships, so that if I suddenly want to go there, it would be clearer to me how to get there.

O: Did you have any expectations from the program and how much did they coincide with reality? Maybe not at all?

N: I don't know if I had specific expectations, but in general I thought I would have fewer meetings with the mentor than I ended up having. We met a lot and had time to work through a lot of issues.

O: Did you find the program itself useful in any way?

N: Yes, I think the experience of communicating with people from interesting spheres is always useful, and to some extent it was realized with the help of Sci.STEPS program. Unfortunately, I was not fully able to participate in the educational program because I had a very difficult period during the mentoring season.

O: What are you doing professionally right now?

N: Right now I'm doing an industry internship with a company founded by chemistry graduates. At this point, I can say that as a result of participating in the program, I chose industry over academia.

I realized that if there is another season of the program, I would like to participate again as a mentee. I would be able to be fully involved and I think I would get more out of it.

O: What would you gain from participating in the program again?

N: I will find answers to the new questions I got.

O: Finally, what did working with a mentor give you?

N: It was super helpful. We met about once every two weeks, and for each week there was some assignment of what needed to be done and prepared. It helped me a lot that my mentor and I had a structured approach. Overall, I had quite a bit of work experience, but I was also not quite getting my resume right. This was an issue that my mentor and I worked through. As a result of our work together, I realized that I actually had a lot of options of where I could go for internships and what I could do.

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