Mentorship in AGI Safety
Call for mentors 2024

Together with AI Safety Quest, we announce the Mentorship in AGI Safety (MAGIS). The program is designed to bridge the gap between emerging talents and seasoned professionals in the rapidly evolving field of AI Safety. Over the course of three months, our program offers a unique opportunity for individuals passionate about ensuring the ethical development and deployment of AI technologies to learn, share, and grow together.

AI Safety Quest Mission

We aim to reduce the risks posed by misaligned artificial intelligence by cultivating a community of informed and skilled AI Safety researchers and advocates. To do this, we connect people looking to learn more about a field of study with mentors who have expertise in that field.

Program Structure

Duration: 3 months, with the possibility of extending the mentorship relationship beyond the program.

Pairing Process: Mentors and mentees will be thoughtfully matched based on their interests, expertise, and professional goals.

Support System: The program provides resources and support for both mentors and mentees to ensure a productive and enriching experience. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions will be conducted to monitor progress.


After we find and select mentors, we will open applications for prospective mentees. We expect them to run June 15 - 31.

Further, we will match pairs based on the mentor’s background and mentee's request. This will be done in July.

Start of the program: We activate and share community spaces, announce pairs, and conduct a kick-off event in late July. We will connect mentor-mentee pairs and offer guidance on effective meetings.

We will make sure to maintain contact with pairs throughout the program, organize webinars, and conduct periodic check-ins.

We will organize wrap up, and survey participants for feedback in late October 2024.

For Potential Mentors

Are you an experienced professional in AI Safety, policy, or community-building? Your expertise can light the way for the next generation of AI Safety practitioners. As a mentor, you will:

For Potential Mentees

Do you aspire to make a significant impact in AI Safety? Our mentorship program offers you the chance to:

Call for mentors

We invite mentors to apply using this form. If enough mentors sign up, we will close applications on June 5.